Automate TAN to PAN Search

The biggest problems encountered by businesses can be solved with simple solutions. Like travelling need in a comfortable taxi available on call without hassle was solved through aggregation of taxis by OLA and Uber, Paytm solved the problem of paying in change/money transfer and became a household name in Indian market.

Do you know that verifying customer information comes in top three problems when TDS reconciliation is discussed?

You always want to

  1. Know PAN number associated with a TAN number and at some point, of time, you would have searched for ‘TAN to PAN finder’ or ‘Automate TAN to PAN search’TAN to PAN Search keywords etc.
  2. Verify the PAN number of your vendor so that you are not deducting lesser amount of TDS and getting penalized.
  3. Seek information if a particular vendor has issued a Lower Tax Deduction certificate to you and you are not deducting TDS at higher rate for that vendor.


But how do you do all this if the data volume is huge?

All these problems can be solved by using technology which can automate these processes for you and you can spend more time on analyzing the data and not on such mundane activities.

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